Viking Outlast Wool Blanket

from CA on wrote:

The blanket arrived as expected. It's definitely a larger sized queen blanket. It did and does have an odd odor to it and I think some of this may be the type of wool used as well as a dye. I did wash it in Woolite after inspecting it to make sure there were no big flaws and the odor got cut in half. I think it will go away with use and over time. It will be best used as a summer-weight blanket in the Bay Area with it's cooler night time temps, and as an add-on during the winter, coupled with a Merino wool or Hudson Bay blanket, and my usual heavier flannel sheets. It's also something you can wrap yourself in nicely and flop on the couch or top of the bed. I like it.

4 Stars Viking Blanket

from SC on wrote:

Very beautiful blanket. Love that this blanket will adjust to the temperature of the person lying beneath it. The only problem with this blanket is that it took a thorough washing and two rinse cycles, plus several days airing out in the November South Carolina sun and air to rid it of the odor. Could it be the chemicals used in dying the wool? Other than that, it seems to be quite acceptable.

5 Stars Outlast Blanket

from GA on wrote:

The blanket is everything I expected and more. I had my doubts about the open weave snagging on other things, but it is very well constructed. I like that it is light weight, but sufficiently warm.

5 Stars Good Night Sleep

from NV on wrote:

Puchased this blanket because we would sweat until we were soaked. Then wake up freexing. The first night with this blanket we slept through the night without waking once, and no sweats.

4 Stars Viking Blanket 5420

from on wrote:

Great blanket..Light weight, but warm enough for a cool night. Even though it is partially a wool blanket, it is very soft. Very satisfied.