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Picture and Wall Ornaments

Picture Ornaments Perfect for Any Display

A picture topper or wall ornament may be the missing element, if your artwork or wall space seems incomplete. Crowned with a flourish of scrollwork, your prized canvas painting will exude grandeur. You can also transform a vacant wall into an ornate display with toppers featuring three-dimensional flowers and unfurling leaves. Whether used to fill space or to emphasize an existing piece, picture toppers and wall ornaments will provide elegant embellishment for your room. Browse our extensive array by finish and style, and find a topper to accentuate any atmosphere.

You can find toppers and ornaments in a variety of forms. Designs include grapes, florals, scrolls and more. If you're adorning a wall in your Tuscan-themed kitchen, hang a picture ornament laden with grape clusters over a vineyard painting. Or, to enhance a living room bedecked ceiling-to-floor in blossoms, mount a floral topper on your vertical space. Magnolias, roses and other blooms will grant organic beauty to your surroundings. Finally, wrought iron scrolls, resin acanthus leaves or cast stone fleurs-de-lis will lend your artwork or wall space a positively regal presence.

Decorative Wall Ornaments for Pictures & Canvases

Boasting an assortment of hues, our decorative wall accents will furnish you with abundant color options. Choose white when you want to bring out a pristine look in your decor, or go with an ivory finish for a fashionably-aged quality. A wall ornament in beige will blend amiably with your walls or art piece, while brown conjures more of an earthy element. Bronze and gold, on the other hand, will enrich your vertical display with metallic pigments. Ultimately, find a finish that complements your wall or artwork color palette.

Browse our picture and wall ornaments for an intricate decoration, whether it adopts the role of statement piece or accent piece. Bring extravagance to a framed print or wall mirror, or simply liven up a bland wall with an ornamental topper.