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Peacock Themed Home Decor

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Celebrate jeweled hues and radiant plumage with peacock decor. Renowned for their beauty, peacocks provide flourishes of royal blue and emerald green to home areas that could use a little embellishment. Display books in style and even attract a few admirers with a pair of peacock bookends. Then, banish shadows from a gloomy hallway with a handpainted peacock nightlight. With multicolored plumes and natural grace, peacock home decor will enrich any room.

Wall decor featuring peacocks and their coveted feathers will make for a dazzling display. Whether you're searching for an exact likeness or a stylized rendition, peacock metal art fills your walls with elegant peafowl. Acrylic gems, marbled stones and glass accents stud tail feathers for an additional burst of color. Likewise, peacock canvases bring a majestic touch to your walls with their bold pigments; some wall art pieces even focus exclusively on feathers for nuanced appeal.

Peacock Home Decor, Artwork and More

Peacock decorations for the table draw the same attention that their living, breathing counterparts do. Fill a peacock vase with a vivid floral arrangement or even a feather or two. You can also show off gorgeous peacock candle holders. Otherwise, accentuate a pedestal or your coffee table with a peacock sculpture; coupled with the slender curve of his neck, his trailing train of feathers will lend a sense of refinement to any surface.

Other peacock accessories include covered jars, decorative trays, even wine bottle holders. These beautiful creatures are fit to store any one of your favorite decorative accents, whether jewelry or vintage wines. Finally, fan a cascade of color across your floor with peacock rugs. These statement pieces work wonders for rooms with subtle colors and minimal patterns.

Festoon your home with peacock decor. Replenish your indoor view with cool tones and splashes of gold, and let these elaborate birds roam freely from your dining room table to the living room floor.