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Rocking Chair Cushions, Outdoor Planters & More

Rocking chair cushion sets add comfort and style to your prized rocker, while tabletop accents bestow a lively presence on a humdrum surface. Scope our “other display accents” for the ornamental details needed to complete an area. Decorative balls for bowls lend another layer of interest to a centerpiece, improving your overall dining space. Indoor/outdoor planters, meanwhile, flaunt vivid flowers in your living room or summertime patio. Crown your fireplace mantel with a lacy mantel scarf, then top the openwork motifs with a decorative finial set. Or, allow a small sculpture to boost an accent table and strengthen an underlying theme, whether coastal or contemporary.

A touch of green, whether from fabric leaves or authentic ivy, will enliven any location. Place artificial topiary balls inside your decorative planters, and instantly freshen up your surroundings. Choose an indoor/outdoor artificial topiary for year-round display and ensure a leafy flourish even in the dead of winter. Our fiberglass planters, meanwhile, work well for outdoor seasonal use or for indoor presentations. These attractive vessels will hold your faux florals or real flowers, depending on your personal preference. Foster an elemental atmosphere all around you with vibrant pops of greenery.

Shop Decorative Trays, Orbs & Accents

Immerse yourself in whimsical sights, when you decorate with one of our tabletop accents. A sandpiper figurine set will bring beachy inhabitants to your kitchen table, while a mermaid figurine conjures a mythological aspect. Owl tabletop accents offer autumn imagery, while leaf tabletop accents incorporate nature into your interior decorating. Pinpoint decorative trays shaped like peacocks or peacock feathers, and let green and blue gems occupy these striking containers. Finally, our decorative covered jar sets will show off your seashells, potpourri or bath beads.

Decorative words for shelves will invite you to “love” and “hope”, but you can also find table sculptures that remind you to smile. With metallic, hammered textures or dimensional acanthus leaves, decorative balls for bowls grant extravagance to your table. Explore our other display accents for components to complete your desired look.