A Glamorous Holiday Is Yours with Golden Elegance Decor

Turn the page in your Christmas decorating storybook to a glorious new chapter. Golden Elegance holiday decor will glisten and gleam with the utmost sophistication. White and ivory provide the pristine foundation for this style, which is complemented with hues of gold, bronze, and champagne.

Golden Elegance Christmas Theme

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You don't have to worry about startling the Forestyne Deer – these graceful, long-limbed creatures are here to stay. Poised and proud, these deer will stand still for all to admire their beauty. Place these would-be prancers atop your table or mantel to accentuate the Golden Elegance holiday theme. These holiday figures are resplendent in a winter coat of burnished gold with silver and champagne glitter.

Father Christmas has dressed in his very best for this seasonal soirée. Always ready as the giver of gifts, he carries an elaborately decorated present and a festive birdcage. Hailing from an Arctic land (and Roman, Inc.), Fur Coat Santa knows how to bundle up in style. His soft coat and jingle bell-tipped hat twinkle with rows of delicate gold sequins. With its intricate appearance and glittering details, this Santa decoration will be an instant holiday treasure in your home.

Though they're typically nestled among the branches of your Christmas tree, ornaments and garlands are surprisingly versatile holiday decorations. Drape a beaded garland over your dining chair, and let it cascade down a group of gold-wrapped presents. Put stocking holders to good use by alternating elegant Christmas stockings with round glass ornaments. Festoon your winter garland with hanging ornaments and lights. You can even place a couple of embellished ornaments on your mantel top for an extra dash of radiant beauty.

Embellish the Golden Elegance holiday decorating style with a luxe tabletop display. Simply start with a metallic-toned charger plate, and adorn it with your favorite shimmering decorations. LED flameless glitter candles capture the magic of a sparkling snowbank on Christmas morning. Gem drop ornaments lend an enchanting touch, while a glitzy decorative topper dresses up a plain wine bottle. Select accents with glitter and jeweled surfaces to enrich this elegant holiday decor.

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