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Lace Curtains
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Primp Windows with Lace Curtains

The lace curtain was the darling window treatment of The Victorian Era, the Roaring Twenties and countless time periods that came before. Although certainly long-admired, lace curtain panels are actually quite current and versatile. No longer just a back drop for boudoirs, lace drapery can complement a myriad of home decorating schemes.

Countless style options are one reason these drapes seem to blend well with most anything. Lace curtains feature a variety of designs, from floral and leaf patterns to seashell and butterfly motifs. Decorative touches like scalloped edges or tassels allow you to play around with embellishments. Plus, the ever-popular ivory and white lace curtains are joined by unique color options like wisteria purple, sky blue and Victorian rose. With so many design elements at your disposal, you can opt for lace or sheer curtains that truly complement your color palette and decor theme.

Style Any Room with Lace Curtain Panels

But even a large scope of colors and patterns does not completely explain these window treatments' versatility. Another reason rests on their ability to beautify any location in the home. Their classic place is, naturally, over the window, where they provide a touch of privacy and a gentle stream of sunlight. Complement panels with lace valances for a polished look. Or, replace clunky closet doors with a pair of these openwork beauties, and keep it functional with curtain tie backs. This will open up your bedroom and give it more of a feminine touch. And of course, no prairie farmhouse or Bohemian apartment is complete without a gauzy drape over the doorway. Choose lace kitchen curtains for a little nostalgic flair.

Nevertheless, the lace curtain is still a staple of Victorian and other historical themes. Hung in your dining room or parlor, these drapes will transport you back to a time of elegance and gentility. Combine them with antique curios and elaborate decor, and you'll soon have a room fit for a duchess! Lace drapery has a way of casting a certain genre over a room. Mixed in with other elements, they can be as prim or as offbeat as you like!