Use a Wine Bottle Holder or Pitcher as a Kitchen Utensil Holder

Wine Bottle Holders and Beverage Pitchers are the perfect size to be used as stylish Kitchen Utensil Holders when not holding wine. These dual-purpose accents turn your wine bottle or utensils into a unique display. Charming designs bring a decorative touch to your kitchen or dining area. Click on a Wine Holder or Pitcher below for more details.

Chefs Gourmet Wine Bottle Holder   Chefs Gourmet Kitchen Utensil Holder
Chefs Gourmet Holder doubles as a wine holder or kitchen utensil holder.

Vendage Wine Bottle Holder   Le Chef Round Wine Bottle Holder
Vendage Bottle Holder               Le Chef Wine Bottle Holder

Reserve Vintage Beverage Pitcher   Wine Cellar Pitcher  
Reserve Vintage Pitcher            Wine Cellar Pitcher                     

Merlot Sunset Beverage Pitcher   Italia Fruit Beverage Pitcher   Marche de Fleurs Beverage Pitcher
Merlot Sunset Pitcher                 Italia Fruit Pitcher                         Marche de Fleurs Pitcher