Gather 'Round for a Jolly Holiday

When Santa sneaks in to drop off gifts and gobble a few cookies, he'll feel right at home. Jolly Holiday Christmas decor is cheery and lighthearted, just like the Jolly Elf himself. Red and green color bursts, festive trimmings, and fun Santa decorations are the trademarks of this holiday style.

Jolly Holiday

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Serve up holiday cheer with these eye-catching Christmas dining accessories. Polka dots, stripes, and (of course) colors of red and green decorate these entertaining essentials. Put a little whimsy in holiday entertaining with cheeky wine glasses and jolly mugs. A holiday serving plate is perfect for snacks and sweet treats, while the cake pedestal shown above "serves" double-duty as a chip and dip platter. Don't be surprised if Santa stops by to sample some goodies and check out your holiday decor!

When he's not braving blizzards or tackling icy roofs, Santa will be happy to rest on the flat terrain of your counter top. These collectible holiday figurines show us how Santa relaxes after his yearly toy run: baking a delicious apple pie, enjoying quality time with Mrs. Claus, or whipping up a hot breakfast of reindeer-shaped pancakes. Santa's stomach never takes a day off, so remember to leave him some baked delights in a cookie jar, or use a special serving set for his favorite treat, cookies and milk.

When it's time to trim the tree, let your holiday spirit shine! A tinsel garland or a red-and-green ribbon wound around the tree will set the stage for your most festive ornaments. Mix ball-shaped Christmas ornaments in various sizes and colors of red and green to complement this holiday decorating style. The "Dear Santa" ornaments will delight guests who take a closer look; these holiday decorations feature droll quips and little twists on messages to Kris Kringle - all in "good" fun.

The Jolly Holiday decorating style would not be complete without a little glow, beautifully provided by these lighted sculptures. Arrange the green trees as you like, and add some presents as the perfect complement. Crafted from sisal and crystal beads, these lighted sculptures can be placed inside or outside your home to accentuate your holiday display. The charming "gifts" look like they have just been kissed by the frost; red ribbons and bows on top add the crowning touch to these decorations.

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