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Holiday Wall Art & Wreaths

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Hang a Christmas tapestry depicting a peaceful scene, and grace your walls with the wintertime quietude that surrounds the season. Browse our holiday wall art for a festive way to spruce up your Yuletide display. Jacquard-woven and fashioned from polyester/cotton fabric, our Christmas wall tapestries feature sleepy, snow-laden villages and horse-drawn carriages and sleighs. Filled with families bundled in toasty attire, the carriages slip down icy streets that lead to illuminated chapels and storefronts. Make yours a silent night with inspiring nativity scene wall art, or find Christmas canvas wall art portraying heartfelt moments. Mounted over your staircase or near a well-ornamented tree, holiday wall art bestows a sense of wonderment on your surroundings.

Lend an ambient glow as well as a panoramic view with a lighted Christmas tapestry wall hanging from Touch of Class®. First, choose your favorite setting. Get caught up in the buzz of excitement with a wall tapestry featuring a festive marketplace. Warmly-lit shop windows and streetlights beckon you down snowy streets to a massive Christmas tree that presides over the hub. But, if you prefer a more low-key atmosphere, select a tapestry showing a hushed chapel or a spangled fir tree overlooking the December countryside. Whichever you choose, each tapestry includes fiber optic lights woven into the fabric. These multicolor Christmas lights will gleam and enrapture your holiday guests.

LED canvas lighted Christmas pictures, on the other hand, grace your home with painterly prints. Showcase gorgeous canvas wall art that illustrates two young children decorating a Christmas tree. Wrapped presents and full stockings convey the aura of suspense that permeates this artwork. Christmas LED canvas art also exhibits nativity scenes and Santa Claus sightings with twinkling LED lights to enrich the mood.

Discover a holiday wall plaque, metal wall sculpture and much more, when you shop our holiday wall art. Grant a bit of magic to your abode with a lighted Christmas tapestry wall hanging or even some LED canvas wall art.