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If you've always loved the fantastical feel of All Hallow's Eve, now's the time to bring a little of that playfulness into your own decorating. Halloween table runners will set the stage for your decorative gourds, orange LED candles, or glittery pumpkins, while spiderweb table toppers underscore a miniature spooky village. October 31st draws ever near, so style your home with whimsical Halloween home decor.

Bring a spectral sight to your foyer, where trick-or-treaters are more likely to glimpse your decorations. A set of plush Halloween figures will greet visitors with comical expressions and odd antics. A jack-o'-lantern, mummy, and skeleton each hold their own head, complete with checked top hats and bow ties.

Of course, if you won't be home for Halloween, you can still make your yard look fun and inviting. Black cat decor, featuring a witchy feline perched on a pumpkin, is cute rather than spooky. This adorable stander accent can be placed off to the side of your door, with a self-service candy bowl just below. Halloween yard stakes go right in your front lawn, delighting passersby with grinning pumpkins and ghosts. Bottle flameless tealights, and hang them from your trees for an absolutely autumnal effect.

If you're having a Halloween shindig, however, you'll want to give equal attention to the interior of your home. Set the mood with jack-o-lantern wall art or even some funny Halloween signs. "I'm the Good Witch," declares one wall plaque, while the other says "A Witch Lives Here With Her Little Monsters." These wooden block signs can also be displayed on your tabletop amongst a hurricane wreathed in bittersweet branches.

You can also entice your partygoers with cobweb valances hanging prominently in your windows. Bat silhouettes add an edge to these window treatments that just can't be replicated with plain old curtains. If you really want to get creative, drape one of these lace valances over a lampshade or fireplace mantel. An LED lantern flickering prominently from above your hearth will really set the mood. Then, pass around a set of Halloween wine glasses to really set off a memorable evening.

From windows to floor, fill your home with a few of these delightfully unusual accents!