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Halloween Home Decor

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A Halloween mantel scarf sets the stage for decorative gourds, orange LED candles or glittery pumpkins, while cobweb-embroidered table toppers underscore miniature haunted houses and black candleholder pairs. Style a creepy-crawly atmosphere with our Halloween home decor. Hang Halloween valances in your windows, and let witch window decorations lurk behind your French doors. Guests will be enticed to come inside, where they'll feast their eyes on frightfully-funny wall art and spooky LED wall hangings. Bring hair-raising sights to your home decorating, and get in the Halloween spirit with these delightful accents!

To create a supernatural spectacle, display a few of these whimsical pieces. A touch-activated fabric witch will cackle and swing her point-toed boots for a lively addition to your vertical space. If you want to provide interest to your floors, however, find a dancing witch's broom with a striped handle and a black, shiny broom head. Witch wine glasses bring a playful element to an All Hallow's Eve party, and you can also don a black lace Halloween cape for a fantastical look while you entertain partygoers.

Set the mood with ominous lighting from our Halloween-themed decorations. Encounter a canvas hanging that features a jack-o-lantern, his jagged grin illuminated by flickering LEDs. You can also showcase an orange pumpkin night light with a green stem and leaves to brighten dim hallways. Finally, pinpoint a canvas wall art set depicting full moons and spectral scenes, such as bat-filled cemeteries and crows perched on broomsticks. Hidden LEDs will glimmer, enchanting visitors with the bizarre beauty of these canvases.

Halloween black lace table runners flaunt spiderwebs and bats and furnish a foundation for black candles and candy bowls. Plus, enhance your window panes with Halloween valances depicting skulls and roses or even bats and cobwebs. From ceiling to floor, fill your home with eerie elements for a fun atmosphere.