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Grapes & Wine
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Enjoy Grapes & Wine Decor

Since the days of ancient Greece, grapes have come to symbolize luxury and status. Add in the sophistication that surrounds wine-tasting culture, and it's hardly a surprise that wine decor is celebrated in the interior design world as well. Lavish your abode in succulent wine home decor; let jewel-toned wine bottles and crystalline stemware bathe you in opulence wherever you go. Wine and grape decor includes all of these beautiful sights and more.

Wine themed kitchen decor permeates your kitchen and dining room with a full-bodied splendor. A kitchen mat illustrated with decadent grape bunches is just the touch of charm needed at the foot of the sink. Paper towel, napkin and wine bottle holders provide attractive platforms to store or display kitchen and wine implements. Wine decorations for kitchen areas also include wall-mounted decor such as decorative plates and stemware racks. Grape-themed table linens and chair cushions will help enhance your dining room.

Wine wall decor will train vining tendrils to climb up your walls—and never once will you have to prune them! A wall clock will preside with stately poise over your indoor vineyard, keeping time in a shroud of grape leaves. Grape wallpaper borders will crown your walls with scrolling vines and abundant fruit. Combine these with other accents such as switchplates and wall plaques to furnish the illusion of a vinery growing within your very home. Wine and grape wall decor will enrich your vertical vignette.

Proudly Put Wine Art on Display

Indulge in the rousing sights of sprawling wine country and sun-drenched terraces with grapes and wine art. Wine canvas wall art will cast an entire room in the romantic ambience that so often accompanies this divine beverage. Browse our exhaustive range of wine wall art. Chief subjects include wine tasting feasts, colorful collections of wine bottles and more. Meanwhile, wine metal wall art immortalizes your love for wine in three dimensions.

Whether you're an avid wine lover or a worshiper of all things luxuriant, wine decor will cultivate the extravagance you crave. Sample our other wine-themed home decor categories, from grapes and wine area rugs to gifts for wine lovers.