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Floral Rugs
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Floral Rugs for Dining Rooms, Living Rooms & More

Like indoor flower beds, floral rugs grant a refreshing atmosphere redolent with vibrant blooms and lush leaves. Embellish your living room with summery wildflowers, or cultivate vining blossoms right beside your bed. Layer a coffee table over the golden face of a sunflower, and let colossal magnolias redefine your dining area. These flowery rugs will introduce vitality to any room, regardless of size. Ornament your smaller spaces with floral area rugs, and break up sprawling floors with large rugs.

Although sharing a similar subject, each rug manifests its own unique aesthetic. A floral rug could exhibit intricate designs, such as a floral border jeweled with butterflies. Rugs crisscrossed with vines and flowering buds, meanwhile, present allover embellishment without overwhelming the design. Still, another flower rug could feature larger blooms for a more striking appearance. Oversized roses, giant poppies and immense Jacobean florals give the effect of gazing into a macro flower photograph. Add floral swags and wreaths to your walls for blossomy beauty up above.

Floral Area Rugs in an Assortment of Shapes

Once you've determined whether you want a subtle pattern or a bold motif, decide on size. Floral area rug sizes include rectangle, round and oval. Choose a rectangle rug to accent a traditional space, or emphasize soft curves and organic shapes with a circular or oval rug. Floral rugs also present a wealth of color options from the natural world. Temper bright pigments and flashy patterns in a room with shades of vanilla, chocolate, dark gray or slate green. Or, liven up a predominantly neutral room with petals featuring sunkist coral, turquoise, lavender or pink.

Finally, floral area rugs can assume the shape of your favorite blossom with our flower shaped rugs. A ruffled carnation or a delicate rose will bloom on your floor with stunning realism. Let perky petals, cheery colors and vivacious designs bring life to your decor with a flower-inspired rug.