EcoGrip Rectangle Rug Pad Beige
The Eco-Grip(TM) Rug Pad is your solution for a greener home. This polymer-coated, polyester rug pad is made from plant-based oils and has a bright, crisp creamy beige coloration. These nonslip rug pads add cushion underfoot and are for use under any type of rug or mat you need to keep in place on any hard floor surface. Thick, cushiony accents can easily be cut to fit any size rug. Indoor use only. Hand wash. Imported.

• For use under any indoor rug on a hard floor surface
• Provides nonslip protection and adds cushion under rugs
• Made with plant-based oils
• Rug pads can be cut to size
• 20-year warranty
• Rug pads in rectangle, round, and runner sizes
Eco-Grip(TM) Rug Pads are made from polymer-coated polyester. Imported.

For indoor use only. Hand wash.
Rectangle: 2'6"x4'2"; 3'4"x5'; 4'8"x7'6"; 5'5"x7'11"; 7'6"x9'8"; 8'6"x11'6".

Round: 5'6"; 7'6".

Runner: 1'8"x7'6".

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Eco-Grip(TM) Nonslip Rug Pads for hard floor surface

$24.00 - $130.00
$15.99 - $85.99
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EcoGrip Rectangle Rug Pad Beige

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EcoGrip Runner Rug Pad Beige 1'8" x 7'6

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EcoGrip Round Rug Pad Beige