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Decorative Toilet Seats
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Decorative Toilet Seats in Eye-Catching Styles

A decorative toilet seat is a great way to add a stylish touch to your bathroom. Decorative toilet seats are perfect for your main or guest bath. We offer decorative toilet seats in both standard and elongated sizes. Our unique selection includes resin toilet seats, seashell toilet seats and clear toilet seats.

Trump plain porcelain with a seat featuring raised designs, colorful bands, even tile mosaics. At Touch of Class we offer an expansive selection, including standard and elongated toilet seats, to fit your toilet no matter the size. With a breadth of styles to choose from, you have your pick from our attractive resin toilet seats.

Browse Unique Toilet Seats

It could be that a stark white toilet seat simply doesn't coordinate well with your Southwestern curtains, or perhaps that default lid, undecorated and bare, violates your Victorian theme. Fortunately, our decorative toilet seats will provide that touch of ambience to set off your bathroom. Seashell toilet seats, ornamented with miniature conches, beach pebbles or even a subtle coral pattern, will boost your coastal theme. Dynamic color blocks and earth-toned mosaics will give a contemporary style some modern verve. You can find a wall mirror with seashell, modern or Victorian designs as well.

Our unique toilet seats, while well-suited for themes, will also appeal to decorators in pursuit of unusual effects. Clear toilet seats filled with bits of metallic foil will infuse eye-popping interest in a formerly boring toilet. Choose a lid embossed with tropical leaves for some unexpected texture or even create a slightly see-through effect with a translucent seat.

A fluted toilet seat embellished with scrolls will give your modern day commode a nineteenth-century look. Dappled with cheetah print, a safari seat brings out the wild side in a tame household fixture. Touch of Class decorative toilet seats, with an array of quirky styles and patterns, will free you up from the apathy of the typical toilet.