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Decorative Plates in Every Shape & Color

Slip a few decorative plates into a plate rack for a beautiful wall display. Create an artistic arrangement of ceramic medallions or earthenware tiles and mount them anywhere you please. Hang them above the dining room table, or let them greet newcomers in the foyer. Average plates may belong in the cupboard, but decorative wall plates belong in plain sight, dazzling eyes with handpainted backgrounds, gloss finishes and much more. Decorating with plates affords your wall a unique and eclectic appearance.

Many of our decorative plate sets depict images of flavorsome food and wine, making them excellent as kitchen wall decor. If you're partial to a good merlot or chardonnay, you can parade grape cluster and wine bottle plates along your walls. Decorate with colorful fruit or rooster plates to exhibit rustic flair or accentuate a Tuscan-Italian theme. If you're so inclined, you can also adorn your walls with plates featuring industrious chefs and waiters. Find tiers and valances to match your kitchen or dining room theme. Decorative dishes for walls will help tie the room together, especially if they share colors found in your window ensemble.

Decorative Wall Plates & Racks

After you've pinpointed your favorite set, display your plates using plate racks and plate holders. Decorative plate hangers will act as easels for your miniature masterpieces. Our metal plate racks, some with leaf embellishments or scrollwork, are finished in gleaming golds or dusky bronzes. Choose from horizontal or vertical wall plate hangers to arrange your display exactly as you envision.

Decorative plates are mainly for ornamental purposes, but perhaps you strongly believe that art and fine dining belong together. Fortunately, some of our plate sets can also be used as serving essentials; these plates will state "food safe" in the description on the product page. If you're on the hunt for dinnerware or dessert plates that will emphasize your meals, it's worth a look!

When you've grown tired of more conventional wall hangings, decorative wall plates offer a refreshing way to embellish your walls. Bejewel empty space with anything from songbirds to butterflies for a creative composition unlike any other. Decorative hanging plates will enrich your kitchen or dining area.