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Decorative Pillows

Decorative Pillows for Chairs, Benches & Sofas

An intricate needlepoint pillow brings ornamental allure to an entryway bench, just as a ruffled round pillow graces your chaise lounge with frilly elegance. Dip into a beautiful melange of decorative pillows, and embellish couches, sectionals and even outdoor furniture pieces with these soft and eye-catching accents. Western accent pillows, coastal accent pillows and tropical accent pillows will grant the finishing touches needed to polish your decorating theme. Shop neckroll pillows, rectangle pillows, square pillows and round pillows, and pinpoint the perfect shape for your seating furniture. Our decorative pillows add interest to a variety of furnishings inside and outside your home.

For a truly enchanting atmosphere, top a rattan chair with a palm leaf throw pillow. Choose from square pillows depicting classic palm trees or even banana palms, or showcase pillows adorned with ferns, blossoms and other foliage. Splashes of green and blue will evoke a tropical ambience. You can also turn to sea life throw pillows for portrayals of coral reefs, sea turtles, crabs and much more. Pillows embellished with seashells will also contribute to a coastal setting. Finally, go for dazzling floral prints to augment your garden-inspired theme.

Indoor Pillows & Outdoor Pillows with Dashing Designs

Find fabric constructions that appeal to you, such as embroidered designs or yarn hooked motifs. Our fringed throw pillows exhibit ribbon loop or multicolor fringe for a hint of embellishment. Select a needlepoint pillow if you wish to create an old-fashioned vibe for your cottage, or else let fabric flower petals or fabric ruffles bring a dimensional aspect to your pillows. A plethora of prints, from Southwest patterns to interlocking spiral motifs, will also create visual impact, particularly if your seating furniture is solid in color.

Let Western accent pillows enrich a Southwest theme, or let indoor outdoor pillows enliven your porch swing. Customize a fashionable setting with our decorative pillows.