Decorating Your Wall With Accent Mirrors

Wall mirrors may be paired in many settings for an eye-catching display. These versatile accessories create an intriguing focal point and may also add light and depth to any room. We hope these wall mirror collages give you inspiration to create your own stunning masterpiece. Whether you are decorating a hallway or trying to fill a bare spot on the wall of a living room or entryway, you are sure to find the perfect combination of mirrors and wall accents below.

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Fill a bare wall with a collage of accent mirrors. Use a mix of accent mirrors to fill a large horizontal wall space (left) and a vertical wall space (right). Choose accent mirrors of various shapes, sizes, colors, and frame textures to create more interest.

Showcase family photos by interspersing wall photo frames with accent mirrors for a regal display. For this arrangement, we used the Timeless Tradition Mirror Set with the Coronet Royal Crown Double Photo Frame (left), the Phoebe Double Photo Frame (center), and the Royal Plume Fleur-de-Lis Double Photo Frame (right). Create this look for under $200

Highlight round framed wall art with rectangle and square framed mirrors
set above a console table and tabletop accents. We chose a simple framed mirror set to accent elaborate framed Cheri Blum Round Floral Pictures. Complete the look with your favorite flowering plant or faux greenery. Our Hummingbirds in Paradise Round Framed Prints also look nice in this arrangement.
Draw attention to your favorite piece of artwork by surrounding it with mirrored accents to create a stunning focal point. Use a table lamp to add height and dimension to your display. Place more accents on the console table for additional interest. We are showcasing the Solidarity Framed Wall Art Plaque with the Versatile Beaded Mirror Set. We chose the Alluring Beauty Shelf Sitter as an accent piece. Try our Cohesion Wall Art Plaque for a slightly more modern look.
Create this look for under $400

Bring even more dimension to your wall by utilizing a wall shelf with your mirrors and photo frame accents. Additional height and dimension can be created by adding a console table with candleholders and your favorite accent pieces. We mixed the Timeless Tradition Mirror Set and the Bow Wall Photo Frame with the Iliana Wall Shelf. A 1920s Dameisele Figurine in Black is displayed on the wall shelf. We also used one Phoebe Candleholder (sold as a set of two) and the Winnifred Decorative Covered Urn. Create this look for under $290

Create dramatic appeal by combining ornate accent mirrors with a set of large wall sconces. We chose the Timeless Tradition Mirror Set and the Leyanna Mosaic Wall Sconces Pair. We accented the display with one piece from the Faith Hope and Love Word Art Set. Add a Centerpiece and your greenery
for additional interest. Create this look for under $300
Make your favorite oversized timepiece the center of attention when you surround it with wall mirrors of varying shapes and sizes. We combined a
Wall Clock with the Versatile Beaded Mirror Set and the Timeless Tradition Mirror Set. Add your own coordinating accents on the console table to complete the look. Create this look for under $350

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