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Why do we list the CFL wattage with our Lamps

Don't be left out in the dark - Get enlightened on why we switched to CFL bulbs!

CFL stands for Compact Florescent Lamp. It is a small florescent light bulb that uses 75% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb and can be screwed into a regular light socket. It looks similar to an incandescent bulb but has a coil shape. Most of our lamps offer the option of CFL bulbs.

CFL bulbs save energy and could last up to 9 years. What you are waiting for? Make the switch!

Please see the chart below for the Touch of Class® Conversions.

Touch of Class® CFL Conversion Chart

CFL Bulb Wattage
Incandescent Bulb Wattage
7 Watts
25 Watts
9 Watts
40 Watts
13 Watts
60 Watts
23 Watts
100 Watts
26 Watts/3-way
100 Watts/3-way
33 Watts/3-way
150 Watts/3-way
40 Watts
150 Watts

CFL Bulb and Incandescent Bulb