Pro Chef Basket Weave Cushion Mat

Perfect in the kitchen or anywhere you want to display a classy floor accent, the Pro Chef(TM) Basket Weave Cushion Mat has an upscale appearance. This faux leather vinyl mat, .5" thick, has a durable, stain-proof surface and ergonomic PVC foam filling for comfort. Back is flat. Cushion mat is 30"x20". Wipe clean.

• Made in the USA
• Specify Beige or Black
• Cushion mat is great for the kitchen or other area of the home
• Has a durable, stain-proof surface with basket weave design
• Has foam filling for comfort
Pro Chef(TM) Basket Weave Cushion Mat is faux leather vinyl with PVC foam filling. Made in the USA.

Wipe clean. Dry.

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Basket Weave Cushion Mat 20 x 30