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African Table Sculptures

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Beautiful Safari & African Statues

African statues feature richly-ornamented attire as well as the heartfelt moments experienced between a mother and her child. Incorporate one of these expressive table sculptures into your own home decorating. Standing upon your storage cabinet, an African mother sculpture holds her infant close. This loving pair will invite you to reflect on the beauty of the maternal bond. Or, bestow a little glamour on your makeup station. Shop our African table sculptures section, and find an elegant lady statue to hold your earrings and other small jewelry pieces.

Elephant Sculptures, Safari Animal Statues & More

Enrich numerous rooms throughout your abode with safari table sculptures. If your Serengeti-inspired space lacks some oh-so-essential wildlife, turn to our safari animal statues. An elephant totem sculpture portrays pachyderms stacked one on top of the other. Perched on a lotus leaf base, these marvelous animals flaunt a warm brown finish. Or capture the diversity of the savannah, and showcase an animal totem table sculpture. Sustaining a precarious balancing act, an elephant, rhino, zebra and cheetah exhibit brown, black and silver hues. Pair African animal statues with safari-themed throws for visual harmony.

African table sculptures, meanwhile, look quite striking when combined with handcarved wood masks or vibrant wall plaques. Find fashionable African lady sculptures garbed in head wraps, intricate dresses and spangly jewelry. Holding tropical leaves or woven baskets, these captivating sculptures offer a means to display your decorative accents. Also search our African table decorations for mother and child sculptures. Whether cradling her baby or patting her daughter's head, these affectionate moms remind us to appreciate all the little moments of motherhood.

Shop our safari table sculptures for intriguing animals, and uplift your coordinating home accents. Or, turn to African table sculptures for posh style and loving interactions that will refine your surroundings. Arrive at just the right statement for your console table, bookcase shelf or bedroom nightstand.